Why Custom Job Wrapping Is The Need Of The Hour For Job Boards

Why Custom Job Wrapping Is The Need Of The Hour For Job Boards

What if there is a prospect out there looking for a position who is a perfect fit for your company? It is quite possible they might never come upon your professional page. Solution?  Job boards are responsible for compiling all the jobs available on the internet into one location. Job wrapping is a method of crawling job feed data from each company’s career page and recruiting websites. A job board is the last destination and the means to achieve results is custom job scraping.

Why is Job Wrapping a Necessity?

Recruitment is no longer as it used to be; so much has changed so rapidly. Jargons like employer branding, communication strategy, competitive intelligence, and Boolean search are being tossed around, undermining the need for job boards.

Through job aggregation and job wrapping, job boards are assisting recruiters in navigating the recruiting jungle. However, in order to do so, job boards must be on top of the trends that govern their industry and ensure that they are doing everything possible to remain relevant.

 Propellum’s Job Wrapping Service – Easy Post

EasyPost maintains job content as well as the quality of data shown on your website. The premium job wrapping service ensures that job data is subjected to a multi-level quality check prior to final delivery. This entails a job search engine that is well-populated with relevant job tags and location-specific matches. Filling your job board with high-quality job ads from several sources. Automating the transfer of job data from corporate career portals to your job board.

Propellum’s premium job wrapping solution is tailored to your specific growth plan. We offer unrivaled job aggregation and categorization turnaround times. The high-quality content tailored to your audience, lets you appeal to a wide range of consumer bases and target areas. Easy Post job wrapping services let you pre-define which jobs appear on your job board, ensuring that you have relevant information for your user base.

Features of Easy Post

Easy Post provides seamless, specialized wrapping solutions that are created and customized to your specifications. Easy Post is particularly useful for job boards with customer-specific criteria or large amounts of data.

  •     Customized solution for precise import from all types of task sources.
  •   Compatible with all main recruiting technologies and applicant tracking systems (ATS).
  •     Wrapping in many languages for global coverage
  •     Integration into your current IT infrastructure
  •     Technical support is accessible around the clock, seven days a week.
  •     No overheads.
  •     No installation costs.
  •     Notifications and reports through email
  •     Dashboard for analytics
  Importance of Job Wrapping

Job wrapping technologies have the potential to be the largest disruptors in the employment industry. Job boards are no longer just bulletin boards listing vacant positions; they have evolved into one of the most effective marketing channels for companies. As a result, recruiters want job boards to provide customization and a slew of other relevant supporting features to the current recruitment scene’. As a result, the job board must adapt to the demand by recognizing and meeting the particular needs of its client.

The most recent reconfiguration to be capitalized on is dedicated and custom-made project wrapping solutions. A well-designed wrapping solution will result in a huge increase in candidate relevance, resulting in a more efficient recruiting process. Allowing a filtered pipeline of talented applicants via persistent efforts will aid in filling future positions faster and more efficiently.