The best job boards for recruiters focus on quality, not just quantity

The best job boards for recruiters focus on quality, not just quantity


It was probably Steve Jobs who said, “Quality is more important than quantity. A home run is much better than a double.” And we couldn’t agree more with these words — especially since they’re coming from the founder of one the most successful quality-obsessed companies in the world. We know that you’re aware of the general emphasis on quality over quantity, as it has been touted in books, across the internet, and pretty much everywhere else. But as much as we might value quality, we are — in many cases —  unable to put a finger on what quality exactly means.


That’s because quality can mean different things for different people. The same applies to job boards. The quality of a job board can be evaluated differently by recruiters and job-seekers — the best job boards from the job-seekers’ perspective may not necessarily be the best job boards for recruiters. However, it is easy to emulate the best job boards for recruiters while also satisfying the criteria for quality from the students’ perspective.


But, before setting about creating a job board that focuses on quality, it is important to know what ‘quality’ really implies when it comes to job boards, how major a role quality plays in determining job board success, and how job boards can achieve quality in the fastest, easiest way possible.


What does quality mean for job boards?


The quality of a job board from the recruiters’ perspective has multiple different facets. The best job boards for recruiters often score high on more than one of these parameters. The primary sign of quality for job boards, from a recruiter’s perspective, is the ability of the job board to automatically extract job postings from the employers’ careers pages and accurately present it as is on the job board website. This ensures there is no discrepancy between the job that is posted by the employer and the posting on the job board. Often, job boards fail to accurately represent job data on their websites, misleading the visitors into clicking through on jobs they later discover to be irrelevant. Maintaining the relevance of job information is a vital contributor to the overall job board quality.


Another feature that is common among the best job boards for recruiters is the ability to sync and integrate seamlessly with the recruiters’ applicant tracking systems (ATS) and any other recruitment tools that they may employ. This requires job boards to be underpinned by top-notch job board technology that is versatile enough to be compatible with a wide variety of recruitment systems. Such systems ensure that all job board visitors are provided with up-to-date information on all jobs, giving key details such as the number for vacancies, last date for application (if any), the scale of pay, and other key variables that potential candidates may want to know. In order to fill vacant positions quickly and with the best talent available, it is vital for recruiters to broadcast their employment opportunities to job-seekers as promptly as possible. And the best job boards for recruiters do just that.


In addition to having automatically-updating, broadly compatible job board technology, job boards should also have a neat, easy-to-navigate interface. The interface should make it easy for job board visitors to easily browse through jobs and get the information they need. Thus, interface design and user experience should also be a key consideration for job boards. However, having a smooth interface and user-experience only works if the job site has the foundation of reliable job board technology.


But, is quality all that matters?


Recruiters, through job boards and other channels, want to reach out to as many candidates with their job postings as they can. This is to ensure that by playing the numbers game, they might be able to get a reasonable number of well-suited and adequately skilled candidates. For instance, let’s say that the probability of finding the right candidate for a particular job is one in a thousand. Thus, to increase the likelihood of them finding a pool of multiple suitable candidates, recruiters would want to reach out to multiple thousands of job-seekers. And, in order to do that, they might want to use the job boards that attract the greatest job-seeker traffic. And the job boards that have a greater volume and a varied mix of jobs often attract the greatest traffic.


Job board companies must employ job board technology that is adept at scouring through the web to discover every job that is available. This becomes even more imperative when it comes to niche job boards who have a smaller pool of jobs they can display, to begin with, in the first place. Job volume is also important for general job boards, who should also include niche, rare jobs to ensure they attract and maintain a broad user-base. The aim for general job boards should be to have a high volume of jobs with comparable numbers of jobs from different industries, different experience levels, different regions, and different types (part-time, full-time, co-op, contractual, internships, etc.)


However, certain misguided job boards focus solely on the number of jobs posted and use low-quality job board technology that focuses on gathering job postings from across the internet without going through the content and validating the information. And the internet abounds with job boards that are created as a result of such an approach — you know, the kind of job sites that either show jobs that expired ages ago or ones that lead to some other obscure website that has more ads strewn across the page than actual, valid job postings.


So, when you think about it, it’s not all about quantity. And, it’s definitely not all about quality either.


So, how exactly are the best job boards for recruiters made?


It’s all about balance. The balance between quality and quantity. It’s about balancing high-quality job data and an excellent job board experience with a healthy supply of job postings. And there is no reason that job boards cannot achieve this balance. They can easily join the league of the best job boards for recruiters by doing one simple thing — choosing the right kind of job board technology. And how can they choose the right kind of job board technology?


The best job board technology software is the one that is intrinsically designed to reconcile the influx of a heavy job posting volume with the overall high quality of service. These are the job board solutions that effectively gather all the jobs that are available across the internet from legitimate sources. They analyze each and every bit of job data that they gather to verify if the jobs are still valid, and whether the links lead directly to the employers’ site or not. Such software easily identifies repetitive job postings and ensures that only the most updated version stays on the job board. They weed out expired jobs as well as jobs with insufficient supporting information to make the job board experience more consistent and reliable. The most advanced versions of job board technology software is able to do this in incredibly quick time and on a consistent basis, autonomously after being set up.


And what happens when a job board is driven by such technology? Explosive growth — both in the number of high-quality jobs but also in the influx of visitors, the number of partnerships with recruiters, and naturally, profits. But, where can you get such an enabler, your driver to technological excellence?


Propellum is the creator of such cutting-edge job board technology solutions that, by design, gather and post a high volume of jobs to job boards from a host of sources. And again, by design, quality is a given. So, unless you are fine with being ‘just another job board’ that has an average number of hit-or-miss job postings waiting to plunge into oblivion, try Propellum’s premium job posting services.