Why job posting platforms need analytics

Why job posting platforms need analytics

Analytics is a great tool for businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. It helps them make informed decisions to improve their performance. Job posting platforms can do the same by adopting analytics. But, where can job boards find the data?

There are many sources through which job boards can collect data. Every preference that a job seeker provides while searching for a job is a source of data. The resume can be another source of data to collect information about job seekers. Whenever job seekers send resumes to apply for jobs, they send valuable data about themselves. Social media sites can act as a source of data on both job seekers and employers. The information provided by employers about a job like job location, salary, and vacancy is also a source of data. But without analytics, all this data won’t be of much use to you. And you can only enhance your job board if you can get the right and useful data. To get a better understanding of how analytics can help job boards take proactive decisions, let’s look into some benefits of analytics.

Driving more traffic to job posting platforms

Using the dashboard of analytics tools, the overall performance of a job board can be seen at a glance. Some jobs on a job board perform well, whereas some jobs of the same job field don’t perform well. Using analytics, job posting platforms can identify job postings with high bounce rates, i.e., job postings that job seekers open and close without applying or even scrolling to get more details. This can help in understanding patterns in job postings that don’t perform very well. This can help them in making better decisions to change the job posting format, the user interface, or the kind of jobs to target. By doing so they can ensure that all the job postings displayed by them see healthy apply and share rates, ensuring greater traffic. Thus, by leveraging analytics, job boards can increase the traffic on their site.

Improving marketing decisions

Marketing might not be everything for a job board. But, it is an important requirement to drive more job seekers to your job posting boards. You can use analytics to determine the appropriate marketing strategy for your job board. For instance, you can get a report about your advertising campaigns on different platforms. The report can give you a clear picture of which platform is helping you get the maximum number of job seekers. It can help you determine the marketing medium or method you should focus on for advertising your job board.

Customizing job search

Data of a job seeker consists of his or her preferences for finding a job. The preferences can be regarding salary, job location, and work environment, among others. With the help of previous preferences given for a job by the user. Job boards can provide customized job search experience to every job seeker. Job boards can, thus, help job seekers find jobs that are similar to the previous jobs searched by the user.

Analytics has proven to be beneficial for effective business decision-making. Realizing the importance of analytics, job data services provided by Propellum always come with analytics. Propellum’s premium job data automation services come with timely analytics reports to give you visibility into your job board’s performance. Thus, using Propellum’s tools, job posting platforms can understand the traffic on their site and make the right decisions to improve their services.