Have you heard of the job board that runs itself?

Have you heard of the job board that runs itself?


Do you remember your first experience of riding a bicycle? Most of us have stumbled through the process of learning how to ride a bike. Trying to understand how to maintain your balance while paddling to move forward was quite a complicated task for most of us. Suddenly, one day we all exactly knew how to ride a bicycle. We learned how to maintain balance, accelerate, and stop without falling. We reached this phase due to the human ability called muscle memory. The human brain stores multiple repetitive actions in a part called the cerebellum to help us execute tasks without paying constant attention. Hence, humans are capable of automating repetitive tasks by putting the right amount of effort. Similarly, business leaders can make their job portal run by itself by automating their core tasks.


In the era of modern technologies and automation, job boards do not need to work with the outdated approach of performing every task manually. To leverage automation, you can start by identifying various tasks that can be handled automatically. For example, several job boards automate tasks such as job parsing and resume parsing. However, you need to go beyond your competitors and automate numerous tasks that can help your platform become efficient and user-friendly.


Think beyond a job parser for automated job aggregation

The first and one of the most necessary aspects of running a job board is job data aggregation. To collect job data, multiple job boards use a job parser. A job parser can search for jobs on multiple recruiter websites. However, a job parser cannot optimize job data and may fail to deliver desirable levels of job data quality while collecting large volumes of job data. Hence, you need to take additional measures that cannot be executed by a job parser to ensure that your job board collects every available job vacancy in a systematic manner. For this purpose, you can consider the following methods:


  • Job crawling: In job crawling, a web crawler or spider automatically scans through the internet to find job data from employer websites and other job sources. Crawlers collect all the essential job data from numerous sources, ensuring that you have gathered every available job vacancy in the market.
  • Job data optimization: You may notice that various employers store their job data in different formats, leading to inconsistency in your accumulated job data. To address this issue, you need to organize your job data to ensure that it is stored in a standard format. For this purpose, you can perform automated job data optimization. The job data optimization process allows you to organize your job data based on job ID, job title, job description, and location. Using job data optimization, your platform can store job data in a standardized format to maintain consistency across various types of accumulated jobs.


By performing these tasks, you can accumulate the increasing number of job vacancies in the US job market and develop a platform that can offer numerous professional opportunities to their candidates. In this manner, you can establish the reputation of a job portal that provides every possible job vacancy, helping you attract more candidates.


Improve the job-seeker experience for automated traffic generation

Resume parser


Along with job data aggregation, you need to deliver a user-friendly experience for job-seekers. For this purpose, design a website that is visually appealing and consistent. You can carefully design every navigation element and section of your website to create a user-friendly interface for the candidates. Besides, use color schemes that are attractive and increase website engagement. You can apply a color scheme that can help you create brand recognition. For instance, successful online businesses such as Facebook use a simple color scheme that has helped their brand gain recognition among their users. By designing a visually appealing and user-friendly job portal, your job board may be preferred by job seekers.


Since your job board can collect countless job vacancies, job seekers may have to search through numerous vacancies to find the relevant ones. To simplify this process, you can integrate job feed categorization that can help candidates sort all available jobs based on location, job title, expected CTC, and required work experience. Using this technique, you can ensure that job-seekers are always presented with highly relevant jobs. Additionally, you can incorporate a search engine that can understand a job seeker’s preferences and suggests relevant jobs. Resume parsing works in a similar fashion, where a tool scans through several candidate resumes to offer relevant resumes to employers. Similar to resume parsing, an intelligent job search engine can analyze each job seeker’s preferences like location, job description, and expected CTC to find suitable jobs.


Set the cycle in motion and watch your job board grow

Displaying every available job and utilizing marketing techniques can help you gain large volumes of candidate traffic. Recruiters might eventually notice the increasing traffic on your platform and may become interested in partnering with your business. By creating valuable partnerships, you can get exclusive job vacancies that may not be available on other platforms or you can also get early access to job vacancies.


Partnerships with employers can help you gain a competitive advantage by presenting job vacancies that other platforms do not have. Candidates, noticing that your platform offers exclusive job vacancies, will increasingly prefer your platform over the competitors. Hence, your job board can become a one-stop job search solution for job seekers. In this manner, you can attract more candidates to your platform, which will again help you attract more employers looking for large pools of talent. Therefore, you can create an endless cycle of drawing an increasing number of candidates as well as recruiters.


Use multifunctional tools for job board automation

As you already know, running a successful job board requires performing multiple tasks in an orderly manner. Hence, a single tool will not be able to automate these tasks. To find the right set of tools for your job board, you can research to find tools that are available online and the tools that are used by your competitors. You can start by looking for a standalone automated solution for core tasks such as job crawling and job data aggregation. Job wrapping tools like Propellum perform these tasks exceptionally well. Propellum can automatically aggregate jobs from various employer websites and other job sources and update job data regularly. Using this tool, you can ensure that your platform is always up to date with the latest job vacancies in a well-categorized manner.


In the case of digital marketing, multiple online blogging and social media tools can help you schedule your blog posts across various social media platforms as well as develop ideas for engaging content. However, content creation cannot be automated as it requires research about audience demographics and creating content that will be relevant to your audience. For this purpose, you can either hire a dedicated digital marketing team or outsource these tasks to a reputed digital marketing agency.


You might have noticed how successful businesses like Amazon work. Every order is almost entirely processed automatically from start to finish. Tasks like processing orders, scheduling deliveries, handling customer grievances, and many more became automated, freeing up each Amazon employee’s time for other mentally stimulating tasks. Likewise, you can create a job portal that performs multiple tasks such as job data aggregation, job feed updates, and resume parsing automatically to deliver a top-notch experience for job seekers as well as employers. Using automation, you can create an efficient and high-functioning platform that can help you gain a competitive advantage, requiring you to invest less and less as time passes.


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