Re-invent your Job board experience with job wrapping

Re-invent your Job board experience with job wrapping

How do you define job board experience? While it has no universally-accepted meaning, you can generally define it as the ease of using your job site.


More precisely, job board experience refers to the convenience with which job seekers can search for, find, and apply to the jobs they want. It’s as simple as that. To offer job board users a compelling experience, you’ll have to facilitate their job search process. And how do you achieve that?


There are many things such as job board strategy and website design/interface that can influence the overall job board experience. However, what affects the job board experience the most is the job wrapping process. And you can massively improve the job board experience by simply upgrading to a premium job wrapping tool. By using the most advanced job wrapping software in UK for your job board, you can ensure that you provide the best user experience possible to job seekers.


But how does improved job wrapping for job boards translate to an enhanced user experience?


Upgrading the job wrapping process improves job data quality


To facilitate the job hunting process for job seekers, it is vital to provide them with top-notch job data. What does high-quality job data look like? It is the job data that is:

  • authentic, which means it’s sourced directly from the employer and links back to their site;
  • valid, which means it is not already filled or expired and is up-to-date;
  • easy to find, which means it is linked with the right search tags; and
  • accompanied by accurate and adequate supporting information.


Using a premium tool to handle your job wrapping process guarantees that the job postings collected match the above criteria. It also ensures that the job postings are non-repetitive, i.e., every job posting you have is original and there are no copies to simply make up the numbers.


And the best part about such premium tools is that they do not compromise on quantity while focusing quality. A premium job wrapping tool can find job data from a variety of sources in a short time. All you have to do is set it and forget it, and it will start crawling the web to find the jobs that meet your standards.


These tools can also be easily integrated with recruiter’s ATSs and other recruitment tools. By integrating with employers’ systems, the job wrapping tool can gather jobs as soon as they are posted by the employers along with accurate information directly from the source. And when job data is sourced directly sourced from the employer, quality is guaranteed.


Thus, upgrading your job wrapping process with premium tools can help you improve the quality of job data that is offered to job seekers. And what happens when you consistently provide quality job data?


Improving job data quality enhances the job board experience


Every aspect of job data quality is linked to the overall job board experience for job seekers. For instance, tagging all your job posts with accurate search tags can enable your job boards in-built search feature to find queried jobs easier. Search terms will only return the most pertinent job postings.


Since your premium job wrapping tool sources a high volume of jobs from across the internet, there will be enough results for every search query. This ensures that job seekers don’t have to visit other sites to find more employment options. The information accompanying every posting will help job seekers assess and decide on the ones they want to apply for.


Job seekers can easily apply for the jobs they want as every posting is directly linked to the employer’s site. They won’t have to worry about being led to spam sites or other unrelated sites looking for free traffic.


Thus, job seekers are easily able to search for, find, and apply to the jobs they want using your job board. And guess what that means? You just achieved an excellent job board experience for your users!


There are multiple ways to build a job board reputed for top-class user experience. However, the simplest of these is upgrading your job wrapping process. You can do so right now, by using Propellum’s Mega Wrap, a premium solution that automates job wrapping for job boards. Trust us, it will not only redefine the experience of using a job board but also transform your experience of running one!