What should you keep in mind when syndicating jobs with job aggregators?

What should you keep in mind when syndicating jobs with job aggregators?

The Job aggregator’s role in the recruitment sphere

It’s no secret that the recruitment market is steaming with competition.  This glaring fact has shaped and changed the roles, responsibilities, and strategies around finding and hiring the right candidates. The rising adoption of technology in recruitment, the growing participation of HR personnel in organizational strategy, and the evident emphasis on employer branding are all indicators of how serious employers are about filling vacancies with the best of candidates.

While factors like increased number of voluntary quits and low unemployment rates have always contributed to a competitive environment and apply to all types of jobs, we are now witnessing the rise of a different type of competition altogether. This new form of competition is more industry-specific and applies to the more niche jobs, such as the competition for tech talent in the Silicon Valley. The slicing of recruitment market has made employers look up to job boards for help, well realizing that the ‘Careers’ page on their website alone is not enough to find the desired candidate. But are job boards prepared to meet the exacting demands of employers and recruiters to syndicate with them?


And where do job aggregators fit in amidst all this?


There is no doubt that the recruitment scenario discussed above paints a promising picture for job boards. There are so many new business opportunities, waiting to be tapped by these job portals. So, then where does the problem lie? Why aren’t all job boards thriving then?

If we ask you to guess the number of job boards available to you in your country, chances are you’d be able to come up with a few names, maybe up to ten. However, in reality, most countries will have a dozen other different types of job boards; the count for which is only increasing. Now, that’s where the problem lies!

We’re aware of only a small subset of job boards because they’re the ones who’ve succeeded in syndicating with some of the biggest organizations across multiple industry verticals. As a direct consequence, these portals receive not only high candidate traffic but also the support of other medium and small organizations that wish to follow the footsteps of their larger counterparts. Therefore, apart from some of the giant and extremely successful players, all other job boards are simply struggling to stay relevant and in business. So, what is it about the syndication strategy that job boards must change to increase their presence, value, and of course, revenue?


The role job aggregators in a syndication strategy


You’ve created a beautiful website and posted a few jobs there. But the real job only begins when you see a high amount of candidate and recruiter traffic on your job board. And for that to happen, you need the latest and most sought-after job postings on your board. Hence, you design a syndication strategy that allows you to perform job wrapping for an employer or recruiter. But how do you access millions of job postings across thousands of employer and career sites?


  • Manually scour through all employee and career sites, or
  • Use some off-the-shelf tool to get you job feeds, or
  • Set up an in-house development team that will build upon open-source technologies to crawl through career sites


No matter what approach you choose, scalability, customization, and functional deviation will continue to be a challenge; not to mention the time and resource you’ll end up spending. Enter job aggregators – these are external job feed providers who will bring to your job portal:


  • Accurate job postings
  • Multilingual job postings
  • Global coverage of job postings
  • 24×7 import of all kinds of job postings


Job aggregators act as a strong link between job boards and employer sites. They allow job boards to focus on their core business competencies. Job aggregators understand the unique needs and prospects of job boards and accordingly get them the most apposite jobs.


The market is full of tools and software that promise to be the ideal job aggregator for your portal. However, a stand-alone tool will never be able to become a seamless extension of your job board. For that to happen, you need a job aggregator that has a thorough understanding of your job board: a job aggregator that can complement and supplement, the functions of a job board.


What to expect from your job aggregator?


A job aggregator must empower your job board with feeds through an automated and accelerated process. If you’re looking to employ a job aggregator that can bring you a massive volume of job posts, then automation is a must.


Similarly, to host the most recent and relevant job postings, your job aggregator must have a quick turnaround time. Besides, it’s equally important for a job aggregator to be able to reflect the changing priorities of a job board. Your job aggregator should, therefore, offer customization to get you posts that your clients (employers and recruiters) demand.


Technology is known to change or upgrade rapidly, and recruitment technology is no exception. As a result, with changes in the larger recruitment industry, job boards may have to change their back-end algorithms too. Your job aggregator must be flexibly built to accommodate for any such technical changes, without levying any additional costs on you. Like every other business, a job board too may decide to scale its operations up or down. The job aggregator needs to be scalable under such circumstances.


What to look for in your job aggregator?


While choosing a job aggregator for your job board, look out for features like:


  • Unlimited source selection
  • Zero spam with original source selection
  • Complete process automation
  • Exclusive job aggregation
  • Total compatibility with all major recruitment technologies and ATS’s
  • Multilingual wrapping for global coverage
  • Seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure
  • 24×7 dedicated and proactive technical support
  • No overheads
  • Zero implementation cost


However, such high-end features in a job aggregator call for robust R&D and innovation as back up. Therefore, only premium tools like Propellum have the potential to meet your high standards. Moreover, the fact that Propellum has spent more than two decades in the field of job board technology helps it understand your requirements in and out. As Propellum offers a complete package of curated services for job boards, it works in complete tandem with a job board. This SaaS-based software offers job aggregation in addition to other services like:


  • Job crawling
  • Job wrapping
  • Job posting automation
  • Job feed categorization


So, it’s obvious that Propellum’s job aggregation feature will not supply a job board with inconsistent and raw job feeds. Since the software goes from start to finish, i.e., from job crawling and aggregation to job wrapping, there is no scope for any hiccups, whatsoever. The idea is to let your job board do more with the least amount of intervention from your end. So whether it is managing the hardware and software or the people resources, Propellum offers job boards unparalleled support.


The dashboard view of all backend processes (the final result for which are high-quality job posts) is available for you to track. The future-proof technology in Propellum’s job aggregator gives your job board the confidence to syndicate with any company under the Sun.


A job syndication strategy is incomplete and ineffective without the right job aggregator. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that a job syndication strategy requires a job aggregator to kick-start its implementation. As a job board, if you aim to partner with some of the most prestigious organizations, you need to have your processes intact and ready. Job aggregation is a process that’s fundamental to the success of any job board. The process holds the potential to make or break any job board.


So, if you’re a job board that places heavy emphasis on its job syndication strategy, choose a job aggregator that can take you ahead of the curve; choose Propellum.