Why job boards must double-check the authenticity of open vacancies

Why job boards must double-check the authenticity of open vacancies

Scamsters are present all over the internet, waiting to pounce on loopholes and weaknesses in official company websites to steal their precious user data. As one would expect, even famous job sites such as Monster.com and LinkedIn may be vulnerable to dodgy job posts on their pages from questionable sources. Generally, the individuals or organizations providing such ‘job vacancies’ want to gather the personal details of thousands of aspiring job seekers for their own (entirely different) vested interests. Incidents involving fraudulent job postings on renowned job sites are alarmingly high. Job boards need to optimize their job wrap systems in order to reduce the number of such posts on their online platforms. Here are some reasons why your job site must use tried-and-tested job data solutions to detect and eliminate fraudulent vacancy posts:

To prevent unfair hiring practices

Certain organizations may advertise open vacancy posts on job sites just as a charade. Such posts will have nothing to do with hiring candidates impartially but just a screen to cover other unfair recruitment practices. A valid example of such practices is a human resource manager trying to get his relative or close friend a job in his organization and still putting out vacancies on job sites that will serve no particular purpose. Nepotism has always been an issue in organizations during recruitment phases. While there are no specific measures to put a definitive full stop to such practices, job wrap systems could be configured to check the recruitment history of such organizations and check if such practices and cover-up job posts were carried out in the past too. Based on the findings of the advanced data crawling and other job data solutions, job sites can make decisions about whether certain vacancies need to be published on their web platform or not.

To prevent fraudulent activity

Such situations can end up being a real nightmare scenario for job applicants who fall for specific fraudulent job posts. Certain job posts may just be personal data collection traps by criminals on the internet. Unsuspecting candidates may provide their résumé and other personal details to such ‘recruiters’ on job sites. The nefarious individuals who orchestrate the fraudulent posting of ‘vacancies’ on job sites will then steal the data and use it for their criminal activities. Job sites must establish research teams and deploy several job data solutions to prevent such posts from showing on their online pages. More importantly, candidates themselves should not give away too much information to stay protected from nasty consequences for no fault of their own.

We at Propellum are wary of the ways in which fake vacancy posts can brutally affect our clients as well as naïve and aspiring job seekers. So, we closely monitor the sources of all the posts collected by our job crawlers. Before a job post is published on your board, Propellum would have already double and triple-checked it for authenticity. We obsess over the why, what, how, where, and when of the job posts on your sites so that you don’t have to.

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