What do employers want from a job board?

What do employers want from a job board?

Simplicity. There, we said it right away. Employers want job boards to simplify their recruitment process. They want job boards to make the recruitment process so streamlined that they don’t have to spend any extra resources and time on it. But how can job boards do that? How can they promise employers that they’ll get the simplicity in the recruitment process that they are looking for? To answer this, job boards can utilize advanced recruitment technologies. For example, job boards can utilize an automated job scraper that can automate the recruiting process for employers. This, in turn, will simplify the recruiting process. In addition to job boards scraper, there are other solutions that job boards can utilize to simplify the recruitment process for employers. Let’s have an in-depth look at what employers want from job boards in terms of streamlining the recruiting process and how job boards can help.

Employers want automation solutions like an automated job scraper

You’re probably wondering, “Why would employers be interested in automated job scrapers?”. The answer to this is, online recruitment processes can get time and resource-intensive. If an automated solution is not employed, the process can get very lengthy and may not even fulfill the primary task of finding a deserving candidate. In the manual method, employers first need to upload their talent requirements on their careers page. They then need to notify the job board regarding the same vacancy to be updated on the job board. This can get time-consuming as it involves too much back and forth communication between the employer and the job board. It can even sometimes result in miscommunication and cause unwarranted tension between them. The recruiter might not be able to find the ideal candidate in the desired amount of time. Sometimes, incomplete job postings from the employer’s end can land on the job board in the same manner and drive candidates away to other job listings that provide them with complete information. All these problems can result in a loss of business for employers and job boards, and, thus, using job boards scraper becomes a necessity.

And this is how job boards can help

An automated job scraper can help solve the majority of issues faced by employers in their online recruitment process. It can automatically scrape jobs from the employer’s website. The job finder software can search an employer’s career page at regular intervals. It can pull new jobs from an employer’s page on the job board. A premium job scraper like that provided by Propellum can scour through the vastness of the employer’s career page and scrape jobs regardless of the scale. The job finder’s API can automatically communicate with the employer’s recruitment tool, doing away with the need for manual updates and constant communication. As a result, the manual process of job scraping is automated and becomes streamlined, all thanks to job scraping services.

Employers want to find the right candidate in the shortest time possible

The primary goal of employers is to fill the vacancy quickly with a deserving candidate. Firstly, they need a vast pool of candidates. This gives employees a variety of options to choose a candidate fit right for the post. Job boards need job seeker traffic so that employers can get a plethora of options for the said vacancy. Candidates will be drawn to your job board only if the job board has a vast ocean of job listings. And for job listings, job boards need premium automation tools that can scrape employer’s website periodically for new jobs and keep the job board updated with the same. But the job doesn’t end there.

It often happens that candidates who don’t have the required skills for a job position, end up applying too. This increases the task of the recruiter to filter out such candidates and results in loss of time and human resources. Job boards can filter out such candidates so that even though employers have a vast number of candidates, the filtered candidates are suitable for the job. The only process left for human resources is to select the most deserving candidate through interviews. All these operations should be completed in the shortest possible time. The notice periods for the resigning employees are usually a month, and the employer must find the replacement within that time frame.

And this is how job boards can help

Job boards need to maintain the quality and quantity of jobs to drive candidate traffic to their job boards. With the help of job wrappers, the jobs from the employer’s site can be collected and posted on the job board in an organized manner. A premium job wrapper such as Propellum’s Mega Wrap can even post the job listings in a format consistent with the employer’s website. It can even intelligently fill out missing details in job postings if left any by the employer. Thus, the candidate will be assured of complete information about the job vacancy and thus help in making informed decisions. Since the job board will be populated with job listings without any compromise on quality, it will be the go-to option for job seekers. However, as mentioned earlier, the candidates need to be filtered at the earliest so that the employers don’t have to spare extra resources for it.

Most candidates blindly apply for a particular job because they thought it was ‘worth a try,’ and these candidates don’t necessarily possess the skills required. Therefore, the employer is stuck with hundreds, if not thousands of meaningless job applications and resumes. A premium application tracking system software can collect, sort, and organize thousands of resumes. This helps the employer to identify potential candidates who possess skills for the required post easily. Basically, an ATS helps employers to narrow their candidate pool. The probability of the vacancy being filled quickly is increased as the employers can focus on potential skilled candidates.

Job boards, in partnership with employers, can even have evaluation tests arranged at the application stage on the job board. For example, when an applicant applies for a job vacancy, it will redirect him to an online test that will help employers evaluate and determine whether the candidate can be considered for further rounds and potentially be hired.

Using recruitment automation software holds great potential in simplifying the recruitment process for employers. This means that employers can find candidates quickly without spending extra resources on the recruitment process. This, in turn, will draw more candidates and employers to the job board. Job boards must, therefore, employ premium recruitment automation solutions such as Propellum’s Job Crawling services and Mega Wrap to provide the best job board experience to job seekers and job providers alike. These solutions will take the job boards one step closer in achieving what employers are looking out for — simplicity.