What it takes to become a job board leader in the UK

What it takes to become a job board leader in the UK

If you’re familiar with Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece, ‘The Prestige,’ you know the lengths Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) and Alfred Borden (Christian Bale) go to be the best magician in the business. They engage in one-upmanship, try to outsmart each other, expose each other tricks, and capitalize on others’ mistakes that result in financial and reputational losses for the other. To be the best in the game, they must focus on whatever it takes to gain the upper hand.

Similarly, job boards in the UK, too, must do whatever it takes if they want to be the best job board in the country. If you’re the Robert Angier in the job board market, you have to worry about many an Alfred Borden as the UK job board market is clustered with competitors. As Nikolai Tesla proved to be the savior for Angier by building him a transportation machine that helps him create the greatest magic trick, job boards, too, can leverage solutions provided by recruitment automation service providers. Recruitment automation software in the UK can prove to be the secret magician’s code for job boards that will elevate them to success.

How recruitment automation software in the UK can help job boards

Just like a magic trick consists of various acts, the pledge, the turn, and the prestige to make it successful, a recruitment automation software, too, consists of various elements that come together to streamline the online recruitment process. These include:


  • Job scraping

A job scraping tool crawls the internet to search for job postings on various employer websites. The scraper finds the job listings using advanced algorithms and obtains relevant job data for the job vacancies. The jobs collected are then stored on a central database. The jobs are then listed on the job boards for candidates to apply for the same. The scraping process is fully automated and doesn’t require human resources to be spent. The job scraper works like an automated job scheduler as it can scrape for jobs periodically once it is programmed.


  • Job feed categorization

Once the job vacancies are scraped from the internet, they need to be posted pleasingly. The candidates must be able to identify job positions, the location, salaries, and other details with ease. For that, job boards need to organize the job listings in an easy-to-understand manner. Premium job feed tools like Propellum’s Job Feed can help you organize your job feed efficiently. The process is automated as the software can easily understand and categorize various job postings depending upon the job title, location, or job description. The automated job data feed can help your job board achieve a simple yet sophisticated look. Your job board will thus be preferred by candidates as well as job providers for their recruitment needs. 


  • Applicant tracking system

A large number of candidates apply for a single position. Employers are thus flooded with thousands of resumes that need to be scanned and examined to filter out candidates. The resumes thus need to be organized to make the resume examination process simplified. An applicant tracking system is a software that does exactly that. It can collect and sort thousands of resumes. The recruitment database is then organized in a manner to highlight the skills and qualifications of the candidates. An applicant tracking system organizes all the resumes the employer receives for various posts in one place autonomously, thus saving them time and resources spent in organizing hundreds of resumes received daily. This helps employers stay organized. An ATS also helps recruiters save time as it can automatically scan the resumes and highlight the top candidates according to the job vacancy. Thus, the candidate pool is narrowed automatically for the hiring process, and the human resources don’t have to put an extra effort just to narrow down the candidates. Thus job boards can have an applicant tracking system that can help employers filter out candidates before the resumes reach the employer.


  • Job wrapping

A job wrapper collects jobs from employers’ websites and posts them on a job feed in an organized manner. The structure and the format of the job listing are maintained to match the quality and standards of your job board. With premium job wrapping solutions like Propellum’s Mega Wrap, employers can get their job listings customized to their requirements. This can help attract other recruiters looking for a customized and automated job posting solutions via a job board. Thus, your job board will have a huge employer client base, including industry leaders. This, in turn, will attract a large pool of candidates looking to apply at these coveted companies. Other benefits of employing job wrapping solutions include:

  • Multilingual support
  • Customized job postings
  • Compatible with multiple formats

Thus, having a premium job wrapping solution can significantly streamline the online recruitment process for employers and result in a long-lasting partnership while attracting new clients periodically. 

Other areas job boards can build on to capture the job board market


  • Build a pleasing and intuitive website

Your website is the face of your business. Hence, you should pay the utmost attention to the design of your job board website. The job board should be visually appealing and intuitive to appeal to a broad audience. You must try to keep your job board design as minimalistic and as direct as possible. People visiting your website must be able to navigate easily through the various sections of your website. They should be able to reach the desired result in a few clicks as possible. The color of the website, too, must be chosen carefully as the color scheme can have an influence on the visitor and may result in him having an unpleasant experience. You can collaborate with an experienced website developer that can help you design your job board based on the workings and principles of your organization, along with their creativity and technical know-how of website development.


  • Create an alert system for candidates

Job boards can provide timely notifications and alerts to candidates. These can include updates about job applications, relevant job notifications, or tips and tricks. The candidate, thus, is constantly in the loop with your job board and will keep visiting your website. Thus, you can draw a large number of candidates to your job board. This can eventually result in you becoming one of the preferred job boards and an industry leader.


  • Bridge the gap between employers and would-be employees

Job boards act as a medium between job seekers and job providers. They can become a communication link between employers and candidates. Job boards can have dedicated forums where candidates can discuss job trends with fellow job seekers. They can even seek answers from employers. Additionally, job boards can provide candidates the opportunity to interact with HR recruiters from various firms. This can be done through a voice or a video call. It can help fresher candidates get a better understanding of the professional world. Thus, candidates will be more prepared to start their professional careers and be confident in interacting with recruiters. 

Propellum’s automated job data feed and other recruitment technology solutions can help your job board to become one of the leaders, if not ‘the leader’ in the job board market in the UK. Other job boards will be looking for your secret. But then they won’t find it, because, of course, they are not looking. They will never find the secret to your rise to success, at least not until it’s too late to catch up.