How job boards can capitalize on UK’s falling unemployment rates

How job boards can capitalize on UK’s falling unemployment rates

According to documented timelines, major European economies, such as Italy, France, and the UK, were amongst the first nations to experience the full onslaught of COVID-19 in the first quarter of 2020. As a result, unemployment within these and other European countries spread as quickly as the virus during that phase. In the first wave of COVID-19 alone, more than 6 million jobs were lost in Europe as a result of the pandemic. But now, it seems like the situation is getting closer and closer to normalcy, at least in the UK. Accordingly, its unemployment rates are tumbling too, as movement restrictions are being eased by the Boris Johnson-led government.

Naturally, Job aggregators can help job seekers by using quicker job wrapping for job boards. Apart from this, the process of job wrapping through recruiters is also a viable, direct solution for companies looking to add to their personnel. Here, we see some of the ways in which job boards can cash in on the UK’s declining unemployment rates:

Job feed service for continuous scaling

The process of recruiting-posting can be streamlined with the help of job feeds. Most modern aggregators provide the service that allows job boards to constantly update their online platforms with pre-defined, language and location-specific job posts. Propellum, for instance, uses an advanced AI-powered engine to deliver customized feeds to job boards that empowers them to add filters, meta tags, and descriptions to improve their search algorithms for their users and widen their target audience. Propellum’s proprietary job feed technology performs the task of enhancing the visibility of your job boards as well as increasing the quality of your internal job search process with the help of advanced analytics. Most importantly, there is never a phase where new, high-quality jobs are not being posted on your job boards with our job feed system.

Mega Wrap for large scale job posting

To fully cash in on the falling unemployment trends in the UK, the process of job wrapping for job boards must be elevated to a grand scale. Recruiting-posting processes are truly taken to the next level by large scale job wrapping for job boards. Propellum’s Mega Wrap is a prime example of this. True to its name, Mega Wrap lists thousands upon thousands of jobs per second on job boards by using job wrapping through recruiters, organization requirement lists online, and other sources. In a large country like the UK, large scale job wrapping is a must for job boards and aggregators.

Propellum offers these unique tools and several others as well to keep your job site on top of the web traffic food chain. Already, some of the biggest job boards in the world avail our services to keep their online platforms populated with high-quality, customized job postings. Please contact us if you too wish to scale lucrative job vacancies on your web platforms through Propellum.