Power of partnerships: the growing importance of job feed API

Power of partnerships: the growing importance of job feed API

Job boards are facing increasing competition, not just from other job boards but also from search engines and social media. Search engines like Google Jobs are making life harder for job boards by making life easier for job seekers. They are bringing job postings right to the front page of search results. As a result, candidates have to go through fewer steps to find the jobs they want. Meanwhile, social media is enabling employers to find the right talent with greater reliability. However, job boards still remain a popular job search tool for job seekers and a candidate sourcing tool for employers. Using tools like an automated job data feed and a premium job wrapping tool, leading job boards are staying afloat despite the cut-throat competition.

But, the fact still remains that job boards are outnumbered in the recruitment industry. And what do you do when you are outnumbered? You find allies and partners. To be more precise, you find partners who can give you a unique advantage over all your competitors. So, as a job board, who do you partner with? 

Who can job boards partner with?

For your job board to stand out among your competitors, you should offer what no other job board offers. And that is exclusive job postings. These are job postings that no other job boards have. And you can do that by — you guessed it right — partnering with employers. Partnering with employers and recruitment agencies will give you access to jobs before any other job board or search engines. Thus, your job board will be the first source to display exclusive and latest jobs to job seekers. As a result, your job board will become the first place job seekers will look for new jobs. 

Similarly, you can also become an exclusive recruitment partner for employers and recruiters. You’ll then become the sole source of jobs that are posted by these employers. If you have enough such partnerships, you’ll become the go-to repository of exclusive postings for your audience. If you build a reputation for providing the latest and exclusive jobs to your visitors, your traffic will grow like never before. 

You can then go beyond gathering just exclusive and latest jobs. You can also use an automated job data feed service to gather all the jobs available. That way, you’ll have a comprehensive collection of job data as well as exclusive postings. As a result, you can become the only job board any job seeker will ever need. Thus, you can potentially gain preference over social recruiting and job search engines as a one-stop job search solution for candidates. 

Now that you know who you should partner with and why, you must be wondering, ‘Well, how do I do make employers my partners?’ It’s quite simple — if you do it right.

What can job boards do to build partnerships?

Employers and recruitment agencies want to fill their vacancies with the right talent as quickly as possible. To find the right talent, it is necessary to first reach out to a large number of potential candidates. Doing so enables recruiters to find a large enough pool of qualified candidates. The larger this talent pool, the easier it will be for them to find suitable employees. 

So, put simply, employers seek platforms that can allow them to reach the largest job-seeker audience. And to partner with these employers, your job board will have to become the one with the widest reach. That means having a large enough base of loyal job board users. Now, how do you attract visitors to your job board? By having a lot of high-quality job postings. And how do you get a large volume of top-notch job data? By using a premium automated job data feed service. Such a solution can not only gather a large enough volume of job postings but also run these solutions through a series of strict quality checks. 

Performing stringent quality checks on job data enables you to weed out jobs that are no longer available and those that do not link to the original employer’s website. The automated job data feed ensures that you always have the latest supply of job data to populate your job board. 

However, using an automated job data feed solution is only part of the partnership puzzle. An automated job data feed will enable you to attract a large volume of job seekers, which will attract the best employers to your site. It can help you to build popularity among job seekers and credibility among employers. What will actually enable you to partner with the best employers is a versatile job feed API. 

How does a job feed API help job boards build partnerships?

A job feed API allows your job board to integrate with the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and other recruitment technologies used by recruitment teams. By connecting with these tools, your automated job data feed solution can automatically parse job data from employer sites. As a result, your job board will be able to collect jobs as and when they become available, thanks to the job feed API. The API also ensures that all job postings are copied to your job board verbatim. This will ensure that there is no discrepancy between the job description on the employer site and on your job board. The job feed API also extracts and tags associated with job postings to categorize them better. Improved job feed categorization will make jobs easy to search and sort for job seekers. 

Thus, by using a job feed API, your job board can become a reliable substitute for different employers. This reliability will attract more job seekers as well as employers and recruitment agencies to partner with you. Employers will prefer you because of your job feed API’s ability to parse job information without them having to send you job data manually. Job seekers will prefer you for your job board’s ability to provide exclusive jobs from the best employers. And when you gain the favor of both employers and recruiters, it won’t be long before your job board becomes a leader in the recruitment industry.

However, to enjoy the benefits of using a job feed API, you must choose your tools wisely. You must use an automated job data feed service that comes with an advanced job feed API.

Why should job boards look for advanced job feed API?

Using a premium job feed service with a reliable job feed API can help your job board to integrate with any tool used by employers. Most job feed APIs are not compatible with all recruiter tools and hence act as a barrier to employer-job board partnerships. On the other hand, premium automated job feed services like that provided by Propellum can make it easy for you and your partners to post jobs on your job board. And since these tools are highly scalable, you can partner with as many employers and recruitment agencies as you want. Your job board will have all the job postings from each of your partners without any drop in quality. And you’ll have a job board that is loved by job seekers and employers alike.