Recruitment automation trends job boards should know

Recruitment automation trends job boards should know

The growth of enterprises is dependent on their workforce. Businesses are doing everything they can to recruit the best talent to stay ahead in a competitive market. This includes using advanced technologies. Technologies like recruitment automation tools are helping employers to find highly suitable job candidates. These tools enable businesses to refine their hiring process. They can cut inefficiencies, help save valuable time and human resources. A majority of businesses believe that recruitment automation tools will make the hiring process more productive. They will only gain popularity in the coming years. Here are a few automation trends job boards should be aware of to improve their services:


  • Passive recruitment is gaining momentum

Passive recruitment is gaining importance for recruiters. It is up by 35% compared to last year. Technologies like recruiting automation have come to aid in passive recruitment. Recruiters are confident that the hiring procedure can become more productive by using recruitment automation tools. Thus, they are turning for a more data-driven approach in their hiring process. However, a significant portion of recruiters do not have enough data or time. The major challenges faced include the lack of data quality, accessibility, and acquisition cost. Job boards can create a database of candidates that can help recruiters in the hiring process. With a structured database, job boards can track candidates’ educational and employment details. Automation tools can build a talent pipeline or a personal CV database. This can help recruiters find matching candidates easily and vice-versa. Thus job boards should not look at candidates as one-time customers. Relevant and customized job feeds can turn a passive candidate into an active one. Thus, there will be more traffic to your job board.


  • Growing importance of user engagement

Job boards should not look at candidates as one-time customers. With passive recruitment on the rise, job boards should post engaging content for candidates. Increasing candidate outreach can increase the user presence on the job board. Job boards are turning their approach more from advertising to marketing. Email is the most preferred method. However, until recently, there was not much attention to insights. Half the employers don’t even track click-through rates for emails. But, recruiters have understood the importance of tracking user engagement. Understanding user preferences can help job boards direct targeted ads. This can result in a higher conversion rate and increased traffic for job boards. Recruiters, too, can find the desired candidates as the candidate filtering process is simplified.

Job boards can even implement AI chatbots for solving candidates’ queries. Chatbots using natural language processing can make the process interactive while being as useful as a human. Also, the user won’t have to wait to connect to a human request handler to get his queries answered. This makes the process swift and can get users coming back to your job board, in case of queries. A chatbot has already been developed that is colloquial. Candidates are likely to forget that they are talking to a robot instead of a human. With such advanced and interactive technologies, job boards can distinguish themselves from the competition. They can become the preferred choice for candidates in case of indecisiveness.


  • Providing equal opportunities for all

In today’s age, recruiters are focusing solely on the candidate’s talent. And recruitment automation tools are helping recruiters find candidates based on just that. Job-ad bias is eliminated using recruitment automated tools. These tools focus on the skill of the candidate irrespective of their gender, race, or color. Tools are developed to analyze job content for phrases or words that post a specific preference in terms of color, sex, or ethnicity. They can then suggest alternative descriptions to maximize the job posting reach. A large percentage of of hiring professionals have a positive outlook towards recruiting automation tools reducing unconscious bias. The diverse inclusion can expand to religion, sexual orientation, beliefs, and socio-economic background too. Automation recruitment tools can help eliminate all the bias faced by candidates and provide an all-inclusive environment.


  • Data analytics’ role in aiding growth

Analytics is an excellent tool for job boards to gauge their strengths and weaknesses. Using data analytics, job boards can identify jobs with high bounce rates or most-applied jobs. This can help job boards in making better decisions regarding job postings. They can experiment with the interface or the job posting format to gain maximum traffic. Job boards can be assured of high job application and sharing.

Data analytics can also act as a marketing tool. With data analytics, job boards can determine the marketing strategy to be adopted for maximum gains. For instance, it can help determine the most preferred platform by job seekers. Job boards can plan their marketing strategies according to the data insights. They can have targeted ads curated for multiple devices.


  • Integrating job feed API

Job boards using job feed API for better integration with recruitment automation tools. With a job feed API, job boards can collect jobs from employer websites as and when they become available. An API integrated with the Applicant Tracking System and other technologies can automatically gather job data from various employer websites. This ensures that all the job scraped and posted on the job boards are as is without any discrepancies. The job data on the employer’s website will exactly match with the job board ad displayed. Thus, your job board can become a reliable source for job seekers as well as job providers. This can help attract job seekers as well as job providers. Your job board will become the one-stop solution for the entire recruitment process for all the parties involved. Job boards should ensure that the job feed they are using is a premium, reliable one. Improper selection of APIs can act as a barrier instead of being beneficial. Conversely, a premium automated job feed services like Propellum’s can strengthen the employer-job board relationship. It can significantly boost job postings and simplify the procedure.

Having automated recruitment tools will enable to build a highly useful job board for recruiters and job seekers alike. The question for job boards should shift from ‘why should we?’ to ‘how should we?’ implement automated recruitment tools. Propellum provides advanced recruitment tools can help streamline and automate the recruitment process. Your job board will have the best jobs tagged, sorted, and displayed in a pleasing way, creating an excellent job search experience. As a result, job seekers will think only of your job board whenever they think about employment.