Job boards & premium job wrapping solutions: A happy partnership

Job boards & premium job wrapping solutions: A happy partnership


Every happy marriage is built on the foundation of love, trust, and mutual support. Successful marriages are about understanding each other’s strengths and flaws, and accordingly working to build a strong and mutually complementing partnership. So, in short, a happy marriage takes two to tango!

Job boards and job wrapping solutions seem to be entwined in a marriage-like relationship as well. They’re mutually dependent on each other to bring out the best of their potential. Job boards need job wrapping solutions to ace the growing competition in the market, and job wrapping solutions owe their purpose to job boards. Together, job boards and job wrapping solutions can work to attract more job-seekers and recruiters to a job board portal.


Job boards – on the lookout for the right partner


When a new job board is launched, it’s striving to create a place for itself in the market. It has to compete with the existing players and needs to attract a voluminous traffic of candidates and recruiters to its platform. The board needs the assistance of the right tools and technologies to shape its path to success. And the situation isn’t very different for the established players too! Even the most established and well-known job boards struggle to find the right technology that can seamlessly integrate with their existing infrastructure, while at the same time, take their job wrapping game to the next level. The hunt pursued by job boards for the right job wrapping tool is much like the hunt for finding the right life partner, isn’t it? – Finding a partner that’ll help bring out the best in you, while you both bring your individual strengths and areas of development to the table.


A job board needs sophisticated and cutting-edge technology to back its vision. It needs the companionship of a premium job wrapping tool to effectively handle challenges like:


Driving more traffic

In an online environment, traffic dictates the success of a job board. If you attract more traffic to your job board, the chances of getting a higher ranking in the SERPs is more likely. While every job board understands the importance of attracting a high volume of traffic, they also well know how difficult it is to attract and retain a loyal set of visitors. Online marketing and SEO trends can be a tough nut to crack, and equally challenging can be the need to keep the job board’s content updated at all times.


Searching for jobs

The growth in the United States’ economy has created numerous employment opportunities for candidates. 7 million job openings were available in September 2018, and 250,000 new jobs were created in October 2018. But most job boards are incapable of searching for millions of jobs from a job source like recruitment websites. Hence, candidates already miss out on multiple work opportunities. Furthermore, recruiter websites update their job listings as soon as their vacancies are filled, or new jobs are available. A job board may fail to integrate such updates into its job data feed and may display old jobs still. Therefore, candidates face various issues while searching for the right organization, even when there is no dearth of job openings in the market.


Optimizing job data

Job data contains vital information regarding various recruiter details and requirements, such as company name, location, job description, and job title. After aggregating the job data, the collected information needs to be organized to ensure that the information is comprehensive. Additionally, many recruiters follow different formats while posting their jobs on their websites. Hence, job boards have to consider various intricacies and carefully optimize all the collected data.


Premium job wrapping solutions – the perfect partner

Premium job wrapping solutions like Propellum have a reputation for creating a user-friendly job searching and posting platform for candidates and candidates, respectively; something a job board really cares about. Propellum offers the following advantages that boost the performance of job boards:

  • Customization that meets recruiter specifications
  • Compatibility with all major recruitment technologies and ATSs
  • Monthly job board analytics and performance report
  • 24×7 customer support for any technical glitches
  • Regular updates with changing industry trends
  • Zero implementation cost
  • Global job data imports
  • Multilingual job wrapping


In addition to the above, premium job wrapping solutions offer extensive support for the following:


Job scraping

Job scraping is the process of searching for and collecting jobs from sources like the recruiter websites. In job scraping, a crawler is used to search for jobs on multiple recruiter and employer websites. The jobs are then aggregated and stored in a central location. The motive is to navigate through the internet looking for any available vacancies.


Job feed categorization

The aggregated job data needs to be organized, sorted, and categorized to make it comprehensive. Premium job wrapping solutions like Propellum implement job feed categorization techniques to organize the collected data in reference to job title, job ID, job description, and job location to name a few parameters. Additionally, job wrapping solutions can eliminate the common but huge problem of duplicate jobs. Sometimes, recruiters may post job vacancies that look similar. For example, a restaurant chain looking for multiple waiters in different locations may end up posting multiple job vacancies for the same job. Such vacancies will be considered as duplicate jobs and the job wrapping solution will categorize these multiple posts under one category, to avoid redundancy and duplicity.



Another excellent feature offered by premium job wrapping solutions is automation. The entire process of job crawling, job feed categorization, and job posting can be automated. Furthermore, automation will update the job data and job feed with new jobs in real-time, discarding the redundant or obsolete jobs.



Premium job wrapping solutions provide monthly analytics and performance reports, giving you actionable insights for metrics such as your job board traffic. Such analytics allow a job board to understand its traffic better, for instance. Analytics help job boards stay on top of industry trends and in adopting a proactive business strategy!


Premium job wrapping solutions like Propellum create an overall professional job hunting and job posting landscape for candidates and recruiters, respectively. Creating a professional job board increases the chances of acquiring repeat visitors. Such repeat visitors may recommend your job board to other candidates and recruiters in turn.


In a happy marriage, the couple is constantly working on their flaws to bring out the best in each other. Similarly, job boards need job wrapping solutions to help eliminate the weaknesses, ensure continuous improvement and create an efficient medium for employers and job seekers to interact. Hence, it’s about time job boards start thinking of premium job wrapping solutions if they intend to build an outstanding job board portal.