Why job seekers are not one-time customers for job boards

Why job seekers are not one-time customers for job boards

Job boards often see job seekers as one-time customers. Such a notion seems perfectly reasonable. That’s because once employed, job seekers have little need to go back to job posting sites that got them there. So then, does that mean that you cannot retain job board users, regardless of whether you satisfy them or not? Does that mean that job boards are essentially as disposable as non-refillable pens? The answer is no. Why, you ask? Here’s why:

Employment tenures are getting shorter

Very few employees stick with a single organization throughout their lives. Most skilled workers often go through multiple job changes through the course of their careers. The average worker switches jobs every three to five years. The American Bureau of Labor Statistics had reported that as of January 2018, the median tenure of young workers aged 25-34 was only 2.8 years. This was much lesser than the tenure served by older employees aged 55-64, who had a median tenure of 10.1 years. If such trends are anything to go by, then it is safe to assume that employee tenures will continue to remain low. That would mean that employees will quit their jobs and look for new ones with increasing frequency.

Higher skill requirement means higher mobility

Another fact that indicates a future shift towards shorter tenures is the fact that low-skill jobs are rapidly being automated. These roles, due to the lack of transferable skills required, offered low mobility to the workers doing them. Such workers couldn’t find jobs much different than what they were already doing. Thus, job-hopping wasn’t much of an option for them. That might explain the longer tenures of older salaried and wage workers. Now, with every new job that emerges requiring an increasingly specialized set of skills, highly skilled employees are finding many career options and opportunities to jump between organizations and roles. And they are aware of it. As a result, they are always on the lookout for better opportunities, even when they are employed. 

Everyone is looking for better options

Highly skilled employees always search for other employment opportunities for a plethora of reasons. They may seek higher pay, a better work culture, a more challenging role, or the opportunity to work at a preferred location, among other countless reasons. Such employees browse job posting sites for USA local job postings while they are employed, seeing if they can find significantly better opportunities. They may not have the urgency to leave their current jobs, but be willing to do so if a big enough opportunity emerges. Such job seekers can be termed as passive job seekers. And these are the kind of job seekers that job boards can retain. And the good news for job boards is that most employees can be passive job seekers.     

The best job posting sites retain job seekers

Leading job boards understand that it is important to hold on to their users. They implement strategies to ensure that their users keep coming back to them. As a result, they have to spend less time, money, and effort to acquire new candidates. You can do the same by ensuring that all your visitors continue to use your job board even after they find employment. All you have to do is what the best posting sites do, and perhaps a little more. The best job boards retain job seekers by doing one or more of the following:

  1. providing a convenient job search experience,
  2. consistently presenting the most comprehensive list of highly relevant and up-to-date job postings, and
  3. providing additional engagement-boosting services to users.    

You can offer your customers a convenient job search experience by using a premium job wrapping solution to automate your job aggregation process. Using a premium job wrapping solution can ensure that your job board always has the most comprehensive collection of jobs. Additionally, it ensures that all the jobs are accurately categorized to enable job seekers, both active and passive, to find jobs that are highly relevant to them. As a result, you’ll be able to offer an excellent job search experience to your users so you can become a reliable job search partner for job seekers. They will begin to prefer you over other job posting sites. Moreover, the premium job wrapping tool will automate your core job board operations. Thus, you can focus on improving your site engagement by adding features that can help passive job seekers.